Friday, June 13, 2014

The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer #3

For this part of the People, Places, and Power project, we worked in groups to create a presentation, photo essay, and survey. This presented both  difficulties and benefits. One of those benefits was a better understanding of the topic, Labor Vs. Big Business. One thing the group did was narrow down the key terms which made me realize what the key details of the topic were and what was not important to the topic. I also understood some of the key terms better because other peoples' definitions did a better job at explaining them to me and their significance than the sources did. My group also categorized the key terms and enduring understandings into people, business, labor, and strikes. This method of organization helped to fit everything into people, places, and power. The group also refined both the wording and content of the enduring understandings which made them fit the theme even better as well. Narrowing them down to four made us decide what was actually important. Also, assigning a category and specific key terms to each enduring understanding helped increase my understanding of the topic. They put it together with relevant information and helped to reach the core of their meanings. 

The process of making the photo essay was very interesting and educational. We had to work as a group to decide on the direction we would take with the photo essay and which images to use, which involved a decent amount of disagreements. However, this process of discussion led to a more refined and well thought out project and, overall, proved beneficial. Having to write very short captions to explain a lot of information also helped to refine our topic. For the photo essay, we used an app called Videolicious. This app had a lot of problems and limitations and I would not want to use it again for an assignment like this. One main issue was it only allowed the video to be 60 seconds long. This was far too short and led to a lot of important information being left out and the recording being almost un-understandably fast. We ended up having to make two videos, so it would not sound so rushed. Overall, the app had too many issues to use well and create a quality video. 

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